An ideal loan for pensioners.

The desire for a pensioner loan is not uncommon. Unfortunately, the chances of approval are not equally good for all pensioners. Problems can cause age or the amount of pension income. For an official, credit uncertainty arises, often for the first time in life.

Loan for pensioners – higher and higher service

Loan for pensioners - higher and higher service

The loan for pensioners who have worked in higher or higher service cannot normally fail due to the amount of the pension. The average pension of this income group is around 2600 USD net. If only the pensions of the former ministerial officials are taken, this amount is even higher. A loan does not fail due to the seizure allowance, as with a pensioner with an average monthly pension of USD 1,100.

A loan can only become problematic through age. There are no legal age limits for lending, but the problems start at around 65+. The first house banks no longer approve loans at the age of 65. Regardless of the increased life expectancy, it will be really difficult for the 70+ generation to find a lender at all. With the very good pension, however, special providers get involved in the risk loan without an age limit.

A drawback is the often required residual debt insurance. With increasing age, residual debt insurance becomes almost priceless.

Middle-service pensioners

Middle-service pensioners

Of course, not only retired civil servants, of the higher salary classes, are looking for a loan. The loan for retired civil servants, for middle income, is no less sought after. This pension group is still very popular as a silver surfer of the 60+ generation. Local credit institutions and consumer banks advertise the young pensioners particularly strongly. With increasing age, the silver surfers of middle income also reach the invisible age limits. Small loans remain possible up to the age of around 70, after which there are hardly any credit opportunities.

A small overdraft facility remains from the house bank. The low pension prevents the use of a special offer. If you only get a pension of around 1,800 USD, of which around 150-200 USD are paid for the health insurance, you have to calculate. A credit loss insurance would simply make the loan, at this income, too expensive. The loan would be possible for pensioners with a guarantor or property security. Mainly retired civil servants whose property is paid for remain creditworthy.

There are also poor pensioners

There are also poor pensioners

Many still remember the postman who brought the mail on the company bike in all weathers. At that time, the postal workers were all still civil servants. However, most did not have a high salary. Simple service was the usual classification. In most departments, only the department head held a medium or senior position.

Those who are looking for the loan for pensioners under these conditions often have difficulties with the approval process. His pension hardly differs from a pensioner’s income. An installment loan is only possible with property security or a guarantee, outside of the mail order house loans in the first place.

Monthly Income Status and Loan Application

Buying a home loan is a serious financial decision. The majority of consumers attribute 40-50% of their monthly income to loan installments. In this context, the most frequently asked questions from consumers are around income. I want to share the most prominent among them with you.

1. I have income but I cannot document all of them at SSK. Will I get a loan?


The question we face most often. In this case, if you can get a salary letter explaining this situation from the company you work with, the banks will definitely evaluate it positively.

2. My income is low compared to the installment of the loan I will get, can I also show the income of my family (my son, my mother)?


In cases where the installment amount to be paid for the loan exceeds 40-50% of the salary, banks also accept the income of family members. It is possible to use credit in this way, as the mother, father and spouse incomes are perceived by the banks as the total income of the household. However, children’s income, children getting married, etc. It is not accepted by every bank because it is thought to leave the house for reasons.

3. I have premiums or annual additional income that I receive every year, can I include them in the loan?

3. I have premiums or annual additional income that I receive every year, can I include them in the loan?

You can add interim payments to your mortgage in this way, which is very profitable for you. In this way, by closing your loan in a shorter time, you will ease your interest burden. The important thing is to determine a payment plan suitable for your income before using your loan. Otherwise, when you want to make an interim payment, you will face an early payment penalty.

4. I have no down payment. I want to use credit for the whole house value I will buy. Is it possible?

4. I have no down payment. I want to use credit for the whole house value I will buy. Is it possible?

In accordance with the decision taken by the BRSA in 2011, banks can only give up to 75% of the appraisal value of the house to be purchased. However, if there is a second house belonging to you or your family, it is possible to credit the entire value of the house by showing this as a guarantee. In some cases, we recommend that you consult a person in such a situation, as there may be different exceptions and practices specific to the person.

You can ask your questions about income and all other matters when you apply for a mortgage loan to the expert and independent bank mortgage consultants of Lite Lender completely free of charge. In this way, you will be profitable with installments suitable for your income and by using mortgage loans under the best conditions.

Loan without proof of salary and Credit Bureau.

The loan without proof of salary and Credit Bureau can only be possible with restrictions. The contribution deals with how it is possible to put this difficult credit wish into practice.

Loan without proof of salary and Credit Bureau – starting point

Loan without proof of salary and Credit Bureau - starting point

The starting point for the desire for a loan without proof of salary and Credit Bureau could not be more difficult. People who have a negative Credit Bureau entry are looking for a loan without Credit Bureau. Under these conditions, no ordinary financial institution from Germany is willing to grant a loan. How difficult the situation is can often be seen in online shopping.

Problems can even arise when ordering on account. Credit Bureau and Infoscore carry out a data comparison. If you have a negative Credit Bureau entry, you will have a problem with your Infoscore in the foreseeable future. There is only the option to use a Swiss loan.

In the case of foreign loans, there is the option to do without Credit Bureau entirely. It is not requested and the lending to Credit Bureau is not reported. The problem is, a loan without Credit Bureau is usually based on proof of above-average income. Without the proof of salary, this income is very difficult to prove. The way out of this dilemma can only be found through loan collateral.

Credit protection without proof of salary and without Credit Bureau

Credit protection without proof of salary and without Credit Bureau

Loan security via the assignment of income is the usual loan without Credit Bureau, but there are alternatives to securing the loan in order not to exclude self-employed persons from the outset. A loan without proof of salary and Credit Bureau could be made possible by the entry of a solvent guarantor or co-applicant. In this case, the guarantor or co-applicant practically bears the risk for the loan alone. The interest for a loan without Credit Bureau, about 11.62 percent APR, is still charged, but remains high.

In view of this situation, the question arises whether the co-applicant would rather not apply for a loan from a normal direct bank alone. He could lend the money on a private contract on the same terms. It would not be an additional risk. Only the annual percentage rate would decrease significantly. A small loan up to 3,000 USD, which could be found for 2.89 percent APR in the loan comparison.

An alternative could be to find a loan without Credit Bureau, without proof of income and without guarantor. In the case of self-employment, a long-term paid-up life insurance may have been in the background. The mortgage could also make the loan possible. At least one of the above conditions must be met so that a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau is possible.

Loan alternatives without intermediaries

Loan alternatives without intermediaries

Is “only” a completed Credit Bureau entry the problem. An approved loan can be entered in the Credit Bureau, then there is another alternative. If a credit rating of H is achieved with Credit Bureau scoring, private donors offer a loan option.

Under these conditions, the loan request may be carried forward on the large platforms for private lending. The bidding process determines whether the request for a loan without proof of salary and Credit Bureau is fulfilled.